Hot Desk Booking Slack Apps: A Comparison

Compare Slack Apps for Space Management

There are multiple Slack apps out there helping teams to manage hot desking in a hybrid-work setting. Although they’re going after the same problem, they do have their differences.

We created a simple guide to help you decide which Slack app serves your needs the best. We compared some high level use cases, features, pricing models and the approximate cost.

Dig in! Hope this will save you some time & effort.

Bukadesk Officely Hot Desk Simple Hot Desk
See who is in the office
Book into an office / space
Book into a specific desk
Manage multiple offices Only in paid Plan
Ability to create & manage spaces
Ability to create & manage desks
Basic booking rules
Admin dashboard Only in paid plan
Office analytics Only in paid plan
Manage meeting rooms
Book a desk using interactive floor plan
Free plan availability Up to 10 active users / month Up to 10 employees / day Up to 5 seats Up to 5 desks
Pricing model 1 USD /mo per active user 2.50 USD /mo per active user £1.75 /mo per seat Tiered plans. Roughly to 5 USD / desk.
Monthly cost for a 50-person company 50 USD 125 USD ~100 USD (78.75 GBP) 200+ USD


As you could see, although these solutions try to tackle the same problem, each took a slightly different approach. They do have their limitations as well, mostly because Slack allows only certain elements to be built within the app. For example, if you are looking for a desk booking tool with interactive floor plans, advanced room & desk management, a Slack-native app may not address your needs. We would recommend taking a look at more enterprise solutions, like Robin and Envoy (and unsurprisingly those are way pricier than the options above).

We have a lot of respect for the teams behind the products above. Each option caters to slightly different needs. Officely caught our eye with a wide feature set - from reserving a parking spot to booking lunch. We are kindly ignoring their claim to be the only desk booking tool living on Slack :)

BUT. Buka costs less than half of any alternatives while providing all the important, essential features. Forgive us for being biased, but if you use Slack and need a solution to manage your hybrid office, the choice is a bit obvious :)

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